Top tips for a better sleep in 2018.


Last year, as part of my treatment for a long term health condition, I was introduced to the concept of ‘sleep hygiene.’

At first, I was both confused and insulted! Was my doctor insinuating that I was getting poor sleep because my bed was somehow dirty or uninhabitable? How very dare he!

But no, he wasn’t. Sleep hygiene is actually the recommended set of behavioural and environmental practices intended to promote better quality sleep.

Veganuary at Cobbles kitchen and deli.


I think it’s probably becoming very apparent very quickly that I am somewhat of a glutton.

I do really love food, in every sense. I think that much like music and travel, food is just something that connects to the truest spirit of a person. Food is so inextricably linked to emotion and feeling, it has such power in forming a huge element of our sense of self – both in a positive and negative way.

Over recent years I’ve tried to become more aware of the impact that food and diet has on our culture and our planet, and I’m trying hard to make positive changes in that respect, albeit I will admit, somewhat slowly.

50 programmes everyone who grew up in 80’s & 90’s Britain will remember.


Generation Z. They’re a lucky old bunch aren’t they. They’ve got an abundance of everything haven’t they – more choice than ever before – they don’t know they’re born – they’ve got Harry Styles and Snapchat for goodness sakes, what have they got to complain about.

Well ladies and gentlemen, do they have Cleopatra comin’ atcha? Are their dreams filled with the hopes of winning a digital calculator or some inline skates from Pat Sharpe’s mullet? Could they ever understand the joy of taking their ENTIRE school on an outing to throw a ball into a net whilst standing on a giant foot – all while Angelica Bell cheers them on from the side lines. No. They do not. They cannot. They will not. And for that, I pity them.

Let’s take a moment to go back to the 1990s. A golden generation for children’s television, the likes of which we are doubtful to ever see again. This one’s for all you 30-somethings. Stay young at heart you guys.

Three Oh.

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