Galentines day: 25 reasons why I love my besties.



Hooray for Galentines Day! Share this post with your BFFs to let them know they mean the world to you. Female friendship is one of life’s truest gifts – never take it for granted, and be kind always.

25 reasons why I love my besties.

1) If anyone ever discovered our WhatsApp message log, or our screen shot history – we’d be in big trouble.


2) We have all the same enemies – even if half of them don’t know it. (Yet.)


3) We have an unbreakable vow that what happened during the ‘Gincident’ will stay secret, for ever, and ever, and ever. 


4) We’ve shared a bed more times than we’d care to admit.


5) We have laughed over some pretty,  pretty, pretty odd (and rude) things. 


6) We all know which Disney Princess, which Spice Girl and which character from Mean Girls each other would be. 


7) We have a variety of nicknames, code words, phrases and puns that we use in conversation which totally confuse the rest of the world. We basically have our own language. 


8) You support me when I am determined to eat an entire packet of biscuits – in fact you’ll eat two packets in solidarity. 


9) We’ve borrowed so much stuff from one another no-one actually knows who owns what anymore. 


10) There are certain songs that will make us burst into laughter, dance moves and tears, all at the same time, because they remind us of our special times. 


11) I can’t remember the last time you knocked before entering the front door/bedroom door/bathroom door in my house. 


12) You consult me if you’re planning to watch an episode of our favourite shows – especially if I am taping it on catch up. 


13) There is nothing off limits anymore in conversation. LITERALLY nothing.


14) You’ll give me a big dose of truth and a kick up the bum if I’m being out of order – but you’ll do it with love. 


15) But on the other hand, you’d be right there alongside me fighting to the death to defend my honour (even if you knew I was wrong)


16) Anyone we’ve ever had a relationship with knows that you don’t mess with the friendship – because it will ALWAYS come first.


17) You proof read all my messages before I send them – sexy, angry, or just ordering a pizza & stay with me till I get a response. 


18) Our night out ‘sharing a toilet’ stories could kill a nun. 


19) We’ve diagnosed all each other’s illnesses so many times we’ve forgotten what a doctor is. 


20) We race each other to the till if we are ordering food because we always want to pay for each other. 


21) We’ve text each other this about a million times: “OMG I WAS JUST ABOUT TO TEXT YOU THAT EXACT THING.”


22) I think you’re prouder of my achievements than I am. 


23) I can’t imagine any future special occasions without you there next to me. 


24) We’ve made it through all the box dye disasters, fashion faux pas, hideous exes – together, and now we feel pretty untouchable when we are together. 


25) I love every single moment we spend together, every single laugh we share and I love you – I couldn’t do this life thing without you. 






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