Let’s Hygge: When Charlie Met Hannah

When Charlie Met Hannah
Candyfloss Queens

Hello and welcome to another edition of ‘Let’s Hygge’ your complete guide to the most kick ass wedding vendors for the adventurous bride and groom.

Today we are thrilled to bring you our first recommended photography & videography company, When Charlie Met Hannah.

Their highlights reel gave us ALL the feels – as well as a heavy dose of rock and roll and possibly the coolest bridal shoes like, ever.

Oh and there’s candy floss too, so, what else do we need to do to convince you that you should get on board, ’cause these gals are slaying it.

South Wales Wedding Photographers When Charlier Met Hannah

Charlie and Hannah (as the name might suggest) are the babes behind this business, and are based in Newport, South Wales. The gals met back in 2013 and bonded over photography (obvz) and The Walking Dead – cuz the secret to any strong friendship is knowing what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse AMIRIGHT?!

The ladies signed up for a photography course together, and as well as solidifying their status as BFFs, upon completing their training they set up as individual businesses, with Charlie focusing on photography and Hannah learning all about the film side of things. But let’s be honest, who wants to be in competition with their bezzie mate?! The girls were constantly asking each other for advice anyway, so the inevitable happened in 2017 with the duo teaming up to take on the world together – that’s when ‘When Charlie met Hannah’ was officially born.

When Charlie Met Hannah

The next step on the stairway to success was to build connections and get the new super duo’s name out there.  From wedding fayres, to styled shoots and features in well known bridal magazines, the girls were hooking up with some of the most delicious names on the Welsh wedding scene (Rachel Burgess, E&W Couture, Sweet Peony – need we say more?!) and were really starting to stand out from the crowd.

As a result, C&H say they’ve been super lucky to work with some lovely couples along their journey so far, have done some great corporate work on a book launch, and have recently filmed a ‘Hygge for All Seasons’ workshop (no biggie guys, our invite must have been lost in the post! HA!)

South Wales Wedding Photographers When Charlier Met Hannah

In terms of services, at the moment the ladies offer full wedding photography packages and highlights films. They are also about to launch a branding package for companies and creatives who might need photos and/or Insta ready films for promotional purposes.

No two days are ever the same for a wedding creative, but it’s pretty clear that Charlie and Hannah always work tirelessly to get the best for their couples, and to manage their workload around their growing families.

They tell us that on a typical wedding day they tend to arrive to capture the bridal/groom prep and usually stay all the way through until the first dance. Soon afterwards they back up all the footage, before sitting down to hand edit every frame. Labour…intensive AF!

But of course, for these conscientious business babes, they’re not going to release a finished product until they are both 100% happy.

South Wales Wedding Photographers When Charlier Met Hannah

Here at FTLOH we are always so inspired by women who are determined to make their business dreams come true – whilst also putting a priority on family time. Charlie and Hannah both have small children so work their hours around nap times, bed times, and meal times – as well as all the other demands of parenthood. We legitimately wonder why more people don’t work in this way, life isn’t a 9-5, so why are British office hours still so rigid. Get with the times Britain babe. It’s bloody refreshing to hear about females refusing to compromise and finding that balance between work & home, the Scandinavians would be proud!

South Wales Wedding Photographers When Charlier Met Hannah

Talking of Scandinavia, and all that is Hygge, C&H really do put children and family at the heart of their brand & ethos.

They know that weddings are ultimately about one thing, the couple and those that love and cherish them. So they want to capture all of the closeness, warmth and little moments between families and loved ones that will be treasured forever.

They are also all for community over competition, and love working with other independent creatives in the industry and making lasting connections.

In the end the duo say it’s about these core principles: Happy clients, and showing our children that it’s possible to make a living doing something that you love.

Stop gals, our hearts are legit about to burst.

When Charlie Met Hannah

We just love the vibe of these huns, they live to ‘Capture The Joy’ and who wouldn’t want a team of besties who value the importance of friendship and family at the most important moment in your life?

If you’d like to book the girls for your day, or to see a bit more of what they do, you can check them out on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest  – all @whencharliemethannah

You can also visit their website whencharliemethannah.com and fill out a contact form or email hello@whencharliemethannah.com 

Or, take a look at their Vimeo page @whencharliemethannah

Here’s their highlight reel from 2017, it’s lush.


In case that wasn’t enough – just to finish off – here’s some big blousy blooms, sweet ass candy floss and leather jackets to boot – it’s official, these gals have stolen our heart.

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