Vegan Brunch at Blanche Bakery Cardiff

a pink neon sign at blanche bakery in Cardiff says but first coffee

Ok Veganuary it’s official, you are spoiling me.

When I decided to take dairy out of my diet for at least one day a week I really wondered how I would find it. But wouldn’t you know it – at exactly the same time as I embarked on this challenge – it seems that South Wales decided to become the vegan capital of the world – fortuitous, no?!

On Saturday, my best friend (who has been a vegan for over a year, and is a constant source of inspiration for me, obvz) and I were embarking on a day trip to find a bridesmaid dress, and I really wanted to treat her to something delicious to eat.

Luckily for us, the dress shop we were visiting in the Cathays area of Cardiff (shout out to all my Cardiff uni alumni!) has a new neighbour.

Blanche Bakery started out as a pop up in 2016 – and by the blessings of the food gods, now has a permanent home on Mackintosh place.


The first thing to say is that this 100% vegan coffee shop is an absolute hygge dream in its interior design.  Clean white walls and chairs adorned with blankets, gorgeous table decor and a neon sign to die for – I was sold before I even walked through the door! The cafe serves a host of dairy-free and meat-free treats; for you vegans who have struggled for choice in the past – you will have a very different dilemma from now on – choosing what you WON’T buy!


Amy and Remed, who own the cafe, are already well known faces around Cardiff’s independent food scene, so it feels fitting that they finally have a home to call their own.

But most importantly, as well as their lovely space – the food is actually to die for.

The guys were shortlisted for the Best Vegan Cakes title at the 2017 Vegan Awards, so I knew I was in for a treat – but then the French toast donut happened.


All the goodness of French toast, mixed with the delight of a donut – I mean – it’s hard to find the words. I couldn’t believe it was real let alone vegan!!! My bestie had a salted chocolate donut, it might have been good – but she wasn’t sharing sooooo…!

Then we indulged in some ‘meat’ sandwiches, I went for a ‘chicken’ mayo and the BFF had a ‘steak’ and cheese. The pure delight on her face was priceless, she actually called people there and then to tell them she was certain it was real meat because it tasted so very very good!


We also had a hot chocolate and a Darjeeling tea.

I would thoroughly recommend Blanche to vegans and non vegans alike. It’s a gorgeous space, run by two young people hoping to make a real impact on the Cardiff food scene, the food is reasonably priced and blinking delicious – and who doesn’t love somewhere lush to chill for an hour with your friend on a Saturday morning?


Go visit, eat all the cake and all the donuts – you can thank me later.

WEBSITE: Blanche

Beth x



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