Let’s Hygge: The Roaming Caravan Company


Hello and welcome to our very first “Let’s Hygge” guest post!

As you’ll see from the ‘about’ section on this website – here at FTLOH we are all about promoting small, ethical and independent companies who have a killer vibe & some kickass worth ethics.

So, as and when the mood takes us – we’re going to be featuring some gorgeous companies & brands who we feel hit the hygge heights – and who we know our audience are totally going to love!

And what a treat we have to kick us off….

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present – The Roaming Caravan Company.


Based in the Vale of Glamorgan, but free to roam wherever she should please – this little Caravan of dreams is owned by Narelle Dancey and her team of glorious creatives.

Narelle’s inspiration came from 2 sources;

  1. George ‘the god’ Clarke and his Amazing Spaces programme.
  2. Time spent living in New Zealand.

(I’m in love and jealous already – how bout you?!)


Narelle says her time working in New Zealand as a marketing and events specialist led to her discovery of what was to become her passion, the mobile caravan bar. Back in 2014 , hiring out a mobile bar for weddings and events was already ‘a thing’ down under (always ahead of the game aren’t they!) and Narelle was instantly intrigued and inspired.

When she returned to London, she did a tonne of research about buying and renovating a caravan and bravely took the leap in 2015.

At the time were only a handful of mobile bars in the UK and she says it was an exciting prospect to be one of the first. Now there’s a few around – but we can honestly say without question that few are as SUPER CUTE as this, and speaking personally as a bride to be in Wales for a moment – dry hire and mobile bar options are still super limited, so I’m absolutely thrilled to see something so gorgeous available to more brides in the South West.


It’s also great to hear about the support that this business received from the Vale of Glamorgan council in the form of a bursary. Another company we love – Cobbles Kitchen – also received similar funding, and both are shining examples of passionate and hardworking young ladies turning their dreams into reality! Narelle says she also attended lots of local business workshops and got lots of start up advice – then there was nothing else to do but ‘go for it’ and learn along the way! You go girl!

So let’s talk services, here’s what The Roaming Caravan Co can offer (believe me the beauty is in the Flexibility of their packages) 

  • A Cash Bar: the caravan, trained staff and all drinks both alcoholic and soft.
  • A Pre Paid Bar: Same as the Cash Bar but with a pre-agreed limit behind the bar. Once this limit has exceeded, you can either top this up or guests can purchase their own drinks.
  • Dry Hire:  For those who wish to stock and provide their own drinks. You get the caravan for exclusive use and includes staff, barware, garnishes, signage for an agreed fixed period.
  • Caravan Prop Hire: The caravan is available as a prop to hire out for photoshoots, events and weddings. The caravan can be branded with your company information.
  • General Prop Hire: Narelle has a selection of props she can provide at your event in addition to the caravan & signage and banners.

So many couples are looking for a more bespoke package to craft into something truly unique and personal for their special day – and the Caravan certainly appeals to the more creative / DIY bride! As a Boho bride myself I can’t stop lusting over it! Narelle says she specialises in non-traditional weddings and events – so for couples looking for something a bit different for their wedding day this is the company for you.



At the moment the RC company are planning and prepping for the months ahead – they’ve already been booked for a lot of tipi weddings in 2018, so are currently liaising and meeting with couples, sourcing & making props, researching the latest wedding trends and keeping up to date with the website and social media.

Then it’s onto the busy spring and summer months – lots of early starts, and looooooong days and late finishes. But Narelle says it is definitely all worth it, her goal for 2018 is to successfully expand & keep getting to be a part of amazing weddings and events.

With a website that is dedicated to hygge and life’s small and beautiful moments – what could be more fitting than being cosied up inside a tipi surrounded by warm twinkly lights, a roaring fire and warming drink or two!


We love this company, and wish them all the best for 2018. If you’d like to get in touch with Narelle and her team for an event you are holding, you can find them here:

WEBSITE: www.theroamingcaravanco.com

INSTAGRAM: @theroamingcaravanco

EMAIL: hello@theroamingcaravanco.com

Until next time,

Beth x


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