Scenting your wedding day.

Here on FTLOH we are all about the senses, so today we’re going to talk about how to create a ‘scentscape’ at your wedding.

This might sound like a bit of a hipster term, and granted, it did used to be something employed by only the most high end of wedding planners — but when you think about it, what is more organic, powerful, evocative & memorable than a particular smell? Smell is the only sense that is directly connected to our limbic system (where memory and emotions are managed!) so why wouldn’t you want to embrace this for the most important day of your life?

Lots of couples are now embracing scent as a way of creating an impact during their special day, but also to create a lasting sensory memory for many years to come.

I’m planning my own wedding this year – and as a perfume and candle addict, scenting the wedding has actually come pretty high on the list of priorities.

So without further ado, here are a few of my ideas and thoughts for a fragranced wedding, and some of the companies I am proud to be working with on my wedding day.

1. Use your heart to guide your nose.IMG_3901

Your fragrance is your personal statement so make sure whatever you choose for your day is a reminder of the journey you have been on with your partner – and what speaks to your heart. For example, if I ever catch Amor Amor by Cacharel on the air I am immediately taken back to the summer of 2008, when I first met my Fiancé.

Someone once told me, as a bride you should hope to be the truest and most honest version of yourself when you walk down the aisle – so choosing a scent that doesn’t sit with your sense of self is probably not the best thing to do on such a momentous occasion! However, it is also not the day to play it safe! Most brides will undoubtedly want an unique reminder of the day that they became a wife, something a little more special and elaborate than the norm.

This is the predicament I was in when I was invited to a ‘fragrance combining’ masterclass at Jo Malone. I already knew I loved heady, fruity, indulgent smells – and I wear Jo Malone fragrance every day. So how could I make my wedding day scent that little bit different, punchier, extravagent, and of course – long lasting – for my celebrations?

The first thing the advisors at Jo Malone asked me was how I wanted to feel when I wore the perfume. Romantic? Sultry? Energised?  Did I perhaps want to feel different at my ceremony to my reception, did I want to ‘marry’ (excuse the pun!) with the surroundings, or stand out? This is something you should bear in mind when picking a scent.

Luckily for me, Jo Malone colognes are so unique, each taps into a different set of personality traits and emotions, so it was easy to be quite prescriptive. There are more than 400 ways of combining Jo Malone fragrances, and their boutiques offer fragrance-combining consultations to help you find the perfect pairing, so I would advise any bride to give it a go – if nothing else it’s a rare opportunity to be pampered!

Through layering a scent from body wash, to body cream, to cologne – I left the shop with a combination that felt both entirely me, while also being bolder, more dramatic & sensual than I would wear day-to-day. I was even shown how to change the top layer of the scent to give an easy day-to-night transformation.

The best part was, as soon as I walked through the door at home, my partner said he loved the smell, and that it was really ‘me’ but a bit more special!

Whether you’re choosing a scent for yourself or for a loved one on their wedding day, Visit to find out about how to layer scents to capture individuality and reflect moods.

2. Set the scene/theme. 0074-Thornbush_Hill-0034_large.jpg

Most couples will have a distinct theme or style they want to structure their day around – and fragrance can be a huge part of this.

As well as your own personal scent, take time to think about the venue.

A signature scent for your wedding venue can be created in a number of ways, from candles to room sprays, to diffusers, to pot pourri, to the ‘live’ elements like table decor and flowers.

For me, working with the natural tone, essence and formality of a venue – is really important. Here’s some ideas:

  • If you’re having a botanical/garden inspired wedding, how about incorporating floral, natural and fresh notes into your venue scenting? Using fresh herbs and foliage throughout the bouquets and table decor can really bring the outdoors in too. If you’re having a wedding that is all about the flowers – make sure you speak to your florist about the best floral notes to pick out of your bouquet to use elsewhere in the wedding, through secondary sources of scent. With this theme in mind, I love the Spring collection from the White company which combines freshly mown grass with honeysuckle, jasmine and rose.
  • For couples going totally tropical – fruit notes like pineapple, papaya and coconut, will transport your guests to distant shores and sandy beaches. I’m a huge fan of Welsh company Flamingo Candles. Their Pina Colada scented candle is to die for, and what’s better, this company also do a personalised wedding service!
  • Or perhaps you’re a bit of a Great Gatsby babe. Your wedding is super sultry, super glam, and super sexy. You’ll want to make a statement with your venue fragrance and transport your guests to a luxe land of indulgence. If this is the case, go all out and invest in a Diptyque Electric Diffuser. The Ambre fragrance has your name written all over it – and the best thing is you get to take the diffuser home at the end of the day, and relive your wedding every night!
  • For me, while I’m not going to give anything away in terms of the theme of my day just yet – one thing that I am really committed to is supporting my local independent business babes, and I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Thornbush Hill Candles to create a Wedding Scent. These candles are all handmade in Bridgend, they burn better than any other candle I have ever used, and they fill the entire house with gorgeous scent. What’s more – their business Motto is #onesmallmoment – how much Hygge Inspo is that!

3. Take your guests on a journey of scent.


Getting a wedding invite in the post is super exciting. Elevate this excitement amongst your potential guests EVEN more by spritzing a little room spray on the card before sealing into the envelope.

Light a collection of candles while you and your girls are getting ready for the day. It creates a really special & memorable atmosphere.

Don’t think that you have to use one scent for every part of your wedding. At my venue we are using different ‘scent corners’ to create atmosphere and ambience throughout the day. For example, in the day and for the ceremony the brief will be light, uplifting and romantic – while in the evening we will indulge in something more mysterious, headier, smokier, more suitable for dirty dance moves!

4. Don’t Overpower.

Beth Ian 35

Very simply, when sitting down for your wedding breakfast, you want your guests to taste their food and nothing else!

At the dinner table mix scented and non scented candles for a subtle touch. If using a diffuser, just dial it down until the evening.  

Also, If you have a beautiful outdoor area at your venue, scented candles could be a waste of money here. Don’t fight against nature – save money and spend your pennies elsewhere, in the battle of the scent Mother Nature will win everytime (and will be equally as divine!)

5. Gift your scent & ask for it to be gifted!


Whichever scents you decide on, how about giving your wedding party and guests a lasting memory of your day?

Mini perfume bottles, mini candles, candle holders, wax melts, diffuser oil – the choices are endless for presents and favours for your loved ones to remember the joyous occasion. 

Also, if you are setting up a gift registry – why not link to one of the candles or scent options you have used on the day? Your guests could buy you a reminder of the day you became man and wife – perhaps a candle that you burn on your anniversary to remember the day? I’m using Prezola for my gift registry and there are some beautiful home fragrance gifts to choose from.


I hope some of these suggestions are helpful – and I am grateful for any advice in return! 7 months and counting until my big day.

Beth x


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