For the love of cake.

for the love of hygge, picture of the cake stand at Ahh Toots in Bristol. Visiting for a wedding cake tasting

I mean, if you’re going to start a blog about happiness and small pleasures – what better place to start – than with cake! Am I right?!

My partner Ian and I are getting married in August (all the gulps) and so a couple of months back, we embarked on possibly our most important planning mission to date – BOOKING DAT CAKE.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Little Britain? “I just love a bit of cake.” – holla, *points at self,* that is legit the strap-line for my life.

 I love everything about the comfortiness (yep, real word) of cake.

If I’m ever having an anxious day, baking really calms me down and focuses my mind. I also love how sensory it is – I defy anyone to find anything more delightful than the smell of a recently baked sponge.

For a lot of people, baking is also super nostalgic. Most of us will have long held memories learning to make fairy cakes, or bread, or gingerbread men with a beloved grandparent or parent – and fighting with siblings over who gets to lick the batter spoon first. To this day, if I smell freshly baked wholemeal bread I want to burst into tears and smile from ear-to-ear all at the same time, god bless my Mamgu.

A recent example of how therapeutic baking can be, was our ’12 days of Bakemas’ at work. As I explained in my previous blog, I’ve been too ill to work for long periods of time recently – and my colleagues have been so supportive and helpful, so over Yuletide I wanted to treat them with cake as a thank you!

Every day for 2 weeks, a different person brought in a homemade treat, and it was magical getting to know more about colleagues through their love of food and the associated memories. Someone brought in their mum’s boiled fruit cake (delish!) someone else brought in some spray painted billionaires shortbread (outrageous!), and someone else rather hilariously went to the supermarket and got in a round of doughnuts! (umm, cheating!)

Beth Edwards Christmas bake for radio Wales, rocky road, blondies and chocolate orange cupcakes

 This was my effort. I made chocolate orange liqueur cupcakes, Raspberry fudge and Rolo Rocky Road, and pistachio and white choccie blondies. {Hit me up if you want any of the recipes!} 

The whole two weeks were the absolute epitome of Hygge, creating a community through shared pleasure, evoked memories, generosity and warmth.

 & It’s definitely a feeling I want to recreate at my wedding.

 So, with all this in mind – we come to the all important question that has weighed on my mind for most of the last year…

 How on earth am I going to choose who will make my wedding cake?!

 Turns out, rather easily!

I knew I wanted to go for a small independent baker, someone who was as environmentally friendly as possible, catered to my lovely vegan friends, and who had a strong ethos for supporting the local economy. I also wanted a cake that looked totally out of this world, and had a flavour selection away from the norm.

 Step forward Ahh Toots.

Tamarind Galliford at Ahh Toots tea room bristol

Ahh Toots has been open for about 3 years, with the incredibly talented Tam at the helm, supported by her team of kick ass ladies.

The current bakery is in the simply delightful St Nicholas’ market in Bristol – if you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting – it’s a foodie heaven I kid you not. Whenever I visit the market I am overcome with hunger (obvz) indecision (cause i want it all) and GLEEEE.

 Tam’s cakes are

1) bloody delicious

2) an artistic sight to behold

So when we met with manager Emily in November to have a little tasting, we knew really quickly that our hearts were set on Toots.

Here’s a little taster of our morning!….

I know, it’s the stuff dreams are made of!

But now we need help deciding which flavours we are going to go for!


 We THINK we know, but we’re keeping it secret for now!

But I’d like your opinions too, what flavour wedding cake would/did you go for at your wedding? What’s the best crowd pleaser? Anything wacky that really worked!?

 If you have any advice for me, or if you’ve got an amazingly indulgent and satisfying cake recipe that needs to be shared – get in touch, I’d love to feature some recipes.

And if you are ever in Bristol, or need a cake for a celebration, go and visit the gorgeous Toots ladies.

 The more cake the merrier!



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  1. Gemma Barnett-Squire

    Lovely page Beth.i LOVE cake aswell 😋 i had 3 types of cake in my wedding.
    rainbow cake,cream&jam and chocolate.It was made by ny friend as a wedding gift and all 3were lush!!


    Liked by 1 person

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