Three Oh.

Beth Ian 63Welcome.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you.

My name is Beth, and if truth be told, this website has been about a decade in the making.

I have so much to tell you. But we have endless posts ahead of us, so for now I will keep it simple, and tell you why I’m here and what I hope this site will become.

Last October I turned 30.

I had so looked forward to turning the big ‘30’ – but unfortunately, best laid plans and whatnot.

You see, a couple of months earlier, I had been diagnosed with a serious health condition. Much more on that later I’m sure.

In a nutshell, it had left me housebound, unable to do the job I loved, I was isolated, and the life I had taken such efforts to build had all fallen away in front of me rather quickly. Most upsettingly – it had also robbed me of some of my best friends, something I am still coming to terms with.

In the depths of my illness, and in a state of some desperation, my partner took me away from the house/jail I had been confined to for months, and quite literally stuck me of top of a mountain on the Isle of Skye.

Beth Ian 163

It was there my recovery began.

As I stood on the edge of a cliff with nothing but sea, sky, moss, and a few Highland cows in my eye line, the world enveloped me in warmth, hope, wonder and possibility.

I was so lost, but at the same time, I owned everything.

And so this site was born.

In 2018, I want to live a more uncluttered life, I want to fill each day with tiny treats – the glow of a candle, a hot chocolate, the feel of a cosy blanket after a long day at work.

You’ve probably heard the Scandinavian term Hygge – yeah, I’m all about that.

I want to enjoy these moments as much as the bigger events. I want the texture of life to lift me up rather than weigh me down, I want to see it all in microscopic detail.

Luckily, a number of my fellow creatives (photographers, videographers, hairdressers,makeup artists,bloggers, chefs…the list goes on) feel the same and have happily shown an interest in being part of the site and the ethos.

But I want you to come with us too, so please share with us, this:

A space to appreciate small graces that would otherwise go un-noticed.

A space to appreciate the healing power of nature & travel.

A space to share beautiful aesthetics from across the world.

A space to explore the practice of small pleasures and simple joys.

A space to delve into the sharp edges and soft curves of being a 30-something in modern society.

A space to celebrate acts of kindness

A space to share philosophy, poetry, writing and thanks.

A space to just be.

I hope you will join me, and enjoy.

If you’d like to be featured, please get in touch via find us on Twitter and Instagram @theloveofhygge or on our Facebook page ‘for the love of hygge.’

There’s a lot of exciting content to come – the stories of inspirational people, magical bohemian weddings, Travel vlogs, beautiful photography and more. I cannot wait to share it.

For now,


{Photography By Christopher Ian}


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